for Creative and Innovative Science Education

A Permanent Project within the COADUNATIO Program of TETRAD Institute

The MIRNOVA Project for Creative and Innovative Science Education is dedicated to educational and professional programs in scientific, technical and engineering areas that are integrated with research experience and communications. (The Project was created and established in October, 2018 and encompasses all of the prior activities, initiatives, and developments conducted during 2016-2018 in USA, EU, UK, Morocco, Ukraine and Russia within the context of the initial TETRAD Institute initiative, "Mirnova Institute, Mirnova Foundation and Mirnova Academy". Now everything is conducted within the context and structure of TETRAD Institute per se, directly.)

Within the MIRNOVA Project, the primary work is in the employment of innovative education, training and creative group experiences, for direct application of Information, Intelligence and Control using the disciplines of science, technology, art, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.). Health and medicine topics are also important componets of the Project activities. The Project is intended and designed to work closely with the mission and functions of the entire LIBRARIUM Project and other Projects ontituting the Coadunatio Program of the TETRAD Institute.

Within MIRNOVA there is also active research into the subjects of how to best communicate, translate, disseminate, and put into practical USE, the "STEM" outcomes, both abstract and theoretical, and concrete and application-oriented, that comes from the mathematics, physics, astrophysics, life sciences and other work within the Institute. This ties in closely with the Seldon and OASIS Projects (PSD Program) very directly and strongly. We study how to develop better algorithms for social media and networking, and for synthetic intelligence tasks such as pattern detection, recongition and classification, and predictive analytics, for use with such outcomes as trhere are in the other scientific work. This is very important for the Social Dimension of Pure and Applied Scientific Research. The "ivory tower" model is a paradigm of historical value and import, but it needs (R)Evolution to be more appropriate and effective for the 21st century lifespace of the human species and for what lies Beyond in our Collective Future.

Mirnova Project activities all share certain common elements with one another and with the other Projects within the 8 Programs of TETRAD Institute. All Mirnova Project activities are focused upon interaction, dissemination, education and training that enables future vocational proficiency and accomplishment by participants. This includes a major emphasis upon includng diverse people, not only but especially youth and students, in the actual Work of other Projects; e.g., internships, apprenticeships, and other collaborative engagement (such as working with the Institute on something that relates to a term project, asn independent study course, a thesis). All students and learners coming into the Institute in such fashion have opportunities and assistance to engage furter, and formally, as interns with partner institutions such as universities and companies.

There are several programs and projects (within TETRAD Institute and other partner organizations) in which the MIRNOVA Project is actively linked through engagements in long-term collaborative research and development. These include:

  • 1. IntAgros – activities that involve Intelligence, Optimization and Control within Agriculture, Energy and Environment (focusing upon cooperative distributed networks of sensors, robots and other machines). This includes the explicit IntAgros products, comprising the industrial domain of “Smart Farming”, plus corresponding components for Energy and Environment. All this is conducted by TETRAD's partner company, Intelligence Renaissance Industries (IRI).

  • 2. Librarium Project – With the Librarium development, MIRNOVA Project focuses upon content assimilation, editing, education and knowledge/technology transfer developments, and particularly weithin engagement by youth and students of all ages. This includes work on the digital components of the Librarium, now highly integrated with the public social media and learning environment, TERRA, an implementation of the OASIS architecture.

  • 3. STEAM Works - integrated online and onsite experiential education and training focused upon youth ages 10-18 in STEAM areas, especially (currently (2022+) those pertaining to the ASTRIC and TETHYS Projects which comprise the ERA (Earth Renaissance Action) Program of TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics. STEAM Works now includes a growing repertoire of special classes, lecture, ands symposia especially designed for youtrhs ages 10+ in grades 4+ through high school and undergraduate university levels. Contact us to learn more about these 1-3 hour length special sessions which cover a range of scientific and technical topics including biology, forensics, medicine, philosophy, physics, robotics and synthetic intelligence ("AI").

    Also there is the earlier work constituted by the ACADEMY Project, which focused upon development of a formal school for pre-university youth of all ages. This work is being integrated into the STEAM Works activity center, not for a special "physical" school but for integration with other STEAM Works and MIRNOVA activities.

Visit also the page which describes some of the driving forces and motivations in the social and cultural space of our work, for the Librarium, the STEAM Works, and indeed, not only the whole of the MIRNOVA Project but the whole of the Institute itself. These concern Our Present Times and the need for New Approaches, indeded radically new thinking and design of methods and actions, for the sustainability and advancement of Our Civilization.
CADUN and CQ - Critical Areas of Developmental Urgent Need and Critical Quarters

     (Additional and Related Project Activity, in order of engagement attention and involvement)

  • 4. Ars Bio – integrated and interactive gallery experiences focused upon unity and diversity in micro and macro spaces and themes. The primary Ars Bio work is part of STEAM Works and a new exhibit is planned for 2023-2024.

  • 5. SELDON – MIRNOVA Project integrates with Seldon and the special focus is upon data acquisition and communication functions and the role of interactive educational modes. The primary SELDON work is part of the PSED Program within TETRAD Institute.

  • 6. TETRAD Seminars, a series of scientific seminars, conferences and workshops organized and coordinated by the member centers comprising TETRAD Institute.

  • 7. NIKOLKA, a private chaeritable project for the support and education of orphans, abandoned, neglected and abused children in Russia and Ukraine, with the support of the Orthodox Church worldwide community.

  • 8. SOUL, a long-term open-ended public education and communication project, Survival and Sustainability of Organized Human Life, pertaining to the current ongoing mega-crises in climate and environmental change, epidemiological and pandemic disease, nuclear war threats and asteroid threats from deep space.

    There is a library of special resources concerning the SOUL work, available upon special request. Visit also:

    CADUN and CQ - Critical Areas of Developmental Urgent Need and Critical Quarters

Note: This all pertains to the Mirnova Project for Creative and Innovative Science Education, a component of the COADUNATIO Program within the TETRAD Institute. We are a USA non-profit project within a not-for-profit institute, created and established in 2008 (USA). We affirm and support all the contributions and efforts past, present and future by friends and partners who have been involved in MIRNOVA project activity, worldwide.

TETRAD Institute is a private not-for-profit international research organization dedicated to advancement of culture through science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, working in collaboration with partners in academia, industry, and others within both the public and private sectors.

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