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Below is older material from a previous project undertaken through Institute for Innovative Study (IIS) which is now absorbed and restructred within the four institutes comprising The TETRAD Institutes

Here, also is new material (2018) that is also in the developmental stage:

The Academy      (Earlier Notes from Nov/Dec 2018)

We envision a school, a curriculum, an environment like what is described here. It may not be a completely new institution, physically; we envision working with one or even multiple schools to create this type of educational environment through a combination of activities that we can add to existing institutional programs, both onsite, physically, and online, through the internet.

Thus, what you read here, is about what can be done with and through collaborative work involving an existing school. Alternatively, we are prepared to work toward the establishment of an entirely new institution, with the support of our Institutes and many sponsors.

We propose and will work toward creating:

A private school offering that serves children from ages 10 through 18 through both onsite (physical) and online (digital) educational programs, spanning middle and high school grade levels, focusing upon STEAM in conjunction with fine arts, music, drama, and gymnastics. The school operates a physical facility and there are internet-based educational components. These work in conjunction with each other but a student does not need to be in the physical school in order to participate.

The school activity and its curriculum is organized in a matrix fashion that enables optimal education with personal and social growth for all students. Classes will typically have from six to sixteen students. The faculty and administration are composed of individuals with strong backgrounds in individual specializations and recognized “polymath renaissance thinking” overall.

The school may in some future time provide a full curriculum and provide accredited graduation for participating students, and thus the following remarks are made in that future context; however, the basic and initial plan is that the Academy works in conjunction with existing schools in which the students are also enrolled for various subjects and that the students receive credit for all studies and participations in the Academy.

Student Classes

Graduates are expected to proceed into university or a professional program which could include military, religious or sports training and service).

Academic Classes

This is the curriculum for students at the ACADEMY. Those classes marked by “C” include “core” classes and sets (sequences) of classes that are taken by all students. There are several levels for each type of course. In certain subjects and courses, there will be unique classes for each Student Class level. However, in some classes there will be combinations of students from different Student Class levels, depending upon their individual proficiencies, accomplishments and capabilities. The general class types are:

The ACADEMY manages and maintains the following operations, employing its staff and students in the operations of all aspects of service:

Material below is from mainly 2012-2014 regarding earlier activities and programs

STEM Growth and Enrichment Programs
{ Today - For High-School and Pre-College Students }

Summers - Vacations - AfterSchool

Of timely significance and thus at the center of our attention:

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Public Health, Infectious Disease, Pandemics
Education, Research, Preparation
Student and Community Projects
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for Empowering and Deepening Education and Character

based in and operated from NW Michigan with branches in Washington, DC and Chicago

Executive Summary for Parents and Students

Academic Mentoring and Personalized Learning Enrichment     { Sample Program Plan and Schedule }

Sponsorship and Sustainability Plan
{ For those interested in supporting and advancing
the work & progress of this Academy and its Programs }

{ Special Attention Learning Techniques,
Specialized Advanced Learning and Teaching methods,
for those with unique interests and situations,
and for Disabled/Homebound special-needs Learners }

Students, Sponsors, Members
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For more information and to arrange for interviews and discussion of individual programs of study:
(804) 740-0342 or (202) 415-7295 or (505) 926-1399
Postal Address:
(Washington DC / Virginia)
9400 Windy Cove Ct. Suite "I", Richmond, VA 23294-6470

"His influence on these men, then, was that of an intelligent critic of method, not that of a technical mathematician with the skill to make great discoveries of his own; and it was by his criticism of method, by his formulation of the broader problems to which the mathematician should address himself, and ... by arousing in those who took up philosophy an interest in mathematics that he gave a great impulse to the development of the science."

H Chermiss, "The Riddle of the Early Academy" (New York, London, 1980)

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STEM Growth and Enrichment Programs
{ Today - For High-School and Pre-College Students }

Executive Summary for Parents and Students

Academic Mentoring and Personalized Learning Enrichment
{ Sample Program Plan and Schedule }

Our Specializations in Advanced Learning and Teaching (SALT)
(Special Attention Learning Techniques)
{ What we have done and can do with your students and children }

Help and Attention for Needs-and-Disabilities Specialities (HANDS)
{ What we do that others cannot or will not undertake }

The ACADEMY's Unique Library
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