One way to grow a Future is through careful, disciplined, exacting Work

The other way is through prudent Investment into the Future

Real Success in Education Needs BOTH
for Empowering and Deepening Education and Character

based in and operated from New York, NY with branches in Washington, DC and Virginia

The ACADEMY is a non-profit educational institution. It is affiliated with other similar organizations and it is in the process of obtaining its 501c(3) IRS status.

The ACADEMY benefits first and foremost individual students and their families. But it also benefits the greater Community, from the neighborhood to the City to the States and beyond.

We are seeking to raise capital to provide the stable and sustainable basis, through a conservatively and prudently expert-managed Fund, overseen by an impeccable Board, that will aid in the ACADEMY delivering what it can to our Future Generations. Knowledge and wisdom and the love of honorable, respectful, ethical scinces, arts, and skills that will provide the best "ROI" that money can buy for our children and our world.

Join us, Assist us, and let's show that Education really has a tremendously valuable Payoff for any backers and supporters that is better than some things we can do with our time, energy and money!

For more information and to arrange for interviews and discussion of individual programs of study:
(804) 740-0342 or (202) 415-7295 or (505) 926-1399

Postal Address:
(Washington DC / Virginia)
9400 Windy Cove Ct. Suite "I", Richmond, VA 23294-6470


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