Specialized Advanced Learning Techniques

Help and Attention for Need-and-Disability Specialities

Real Success in Education Needs BOTH
for Empowering and Deepening Education and Character

based in and operated from New York, NY with branches in Washington, DC and Virginia

The ACADEMY has some unique people who have come together with Dedication and Purpose.

We are known as

PhD Parents
Love to Teach!

But beyond whiz-bang and avante-garde and futuristic+classical teaching methods that Really Work, we have made it a fundamental tenet, a basis, for everything we are doing, that we will go out of our way, walk the extra mile, climb the pole, and put out the extra effort for enabling, assisting, "juvenating and rejuvenating" those who have special needs and difficult situations.

There are Geniuses out there who can be moving toward personal and family fulfillment, instead of going down a track that may lead downhill in all-too-many ways. We all know about the things that break, in families, in children, in People, in Us.

We all know that there are people - kids and their families - who have special needs that are physical, emotional, economical, and social.

We have spent a number of combined lifetimes ("add 'em up" among these PhD Parents who Love to Teach and make up the ACADEMY) learning how to reach-out better and help people to overcome barriers that someone or something has put in their way. We give special attention toward how to enable the best and fullest range of opportunities in the ACADEMY programs for students who have trouble because, perhaps, they cannot walk, or see, or hear, or do it in the usual way, or who "just can't get it" sometimes with different suubject-matters, or who "just don't want to do school-anything" for whatever reasons.

We've been there. We hear those voices and understand those minds. Clear as a bell.

The solution is not the way that many institutions and so-called experts suggest. Uusually those solutions don't work to anyone's satisfaction or fulfillment, at least where the children and families are involved. We have a different approach, and it starts with Really Making Our Extra Effort to

UNDER-STAND what a person is saying, and to respect them, and to then start to work forward on LEARNING THAT WORKS FOR THE PERSON

Trust me. It really does work!

For more information and to arrange for interviews and discussion of individual programs of study:
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