for Creative and innovative Science Education

A Project within the LIBRARIUM Program of TETRAD Institute

The MIRNOVA Project for Creative and Innovative Science Education is dedicated to educational and professional programs in scientific, technical and engineering areas that are integrated with research experience and communications. The project was created and established in October of 2018.

Within the MIRNOVA Project, the primary work is in the employment of innovative education, training and creative group experiences, for direct application of Information, Intelligence and Control using the disciplines of science, technology, art, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.). The Project is intended and designed to work closely with the mission and functions of the entire LIBRARIUM Program and other Programs sand Projects of the TETRAD Institute.

Project activities all share certain common elements with one another and all are focused upon education and training that enables future vocational proficiency and accomplishment by participants. All students and learners have opportunities to engage as interns with partner institutions such as universities and companies.

There are several programs and projects (within TETRAD Institute and other organizations) in which the MIRNOVA Project is actively linked through engagements in long-term collaborative research and development. These include:

  • 1. EcoVita – activities within the company, EcoVita, that involve Intelligence, Optimization and Control within Agriculture, Energy and Environment (focusing upon cooperative distributed networks of sensors, robots and other machines). This includes AgroIntel and AgroBrains, comprising the industrial domain of “Smart Farming”, plus corresponding components for Energy and Environment.
    This work comprises a joint project with EcoVita LLC, a private company, and Intelligence Renaissance Industries, a private corporation
  • 2. Librarium Program – MIRNOVA Project focus is directed towards content assimilation, editing, education and knowledge/technology transfer developments.
    This work constitutes a joint project with several TETRAD Institute Programs including the PSED Program and within it, OASIS Project and SELDON Project.

(Additional Program Activity, in order of engagement attention and involvement)

  • 3. STEAM Works - integrated online and onsite experiential education and training focused upon youth ages 10-18 in STEAM areas, especially those pertaining to the ASTRIC and TETHYS Projects which comprise the ERA (Earth Renaissance Action Program of the ASTRA Institute, a member center of the TETRAD Institutes.
  • 4. Ars Bio – integrated and interactive gallery experiences focused upon unity and diversity in micro and macro spaces and themes. The primary Ars Bio work is part of STEAM Works.
  • 5. SELDON – MIRNOVA Project focus is upon data acquisition and communication functions and the role of interactive educational modes. The primary SELDON work is part of the PSED Program within TETRAD Institute.
  • 6. TETRAD Seminars, a series of scientific seminars, conferences and workshops organized and coordinated by the member centers comprising TETRAD Institute.

Note: This all pertains to the Mirnova Project for Creative and Innovative Science Education, a coimponent of the LIBRARIUM Program within the TETRAD Institute. All of this - ALL - is and always was distinct, separate and different from, and not associated with, any other "Mirnova"-named entities, including various "Academy", "Foundation" or "Institute" (or other) which may exist (or not) in other countries (outside the USA), including anyt if which some of our members (mentors, fellows, volunteers) have perhaps participated in the past as volunteers (unpaid and uncoimpensated). We are a US non-profit and volunteer-only project within a not-for-profit institute (no paid employees or positions), created and established in October 2018 in Michigan (USA).