Ars Bio Project

Note! This page is from 2002 but it tells how we first we doing things - we will update this site soon, with events from 2003 - 2018, when there were several different, related projects and exhibits, thereafter, in USA, Germany, Spain, Ukraine and Russia!


Early Draft Ideas, January, 2002

NOTE: All DATES are moving forward as this proiject is now being designed to be part of the IDEAS Encyclopedia Project. We are looking at 2004, not 2002/2003. We are composing an exhibit of paintings, prints, photographs, masks, and natural flora and fauna collections on the theme of Diversity and Synergy. Our intention is to establish both a one-time physical exhibit and also a permanent online web-based exhibit.

The multimedia, multi-genre physical exhibit will take place in one of the major art galleries in San Jose, Costa Rica and will constitute approximately 600 m2 of publicly-accessible viewing space. The online gallery of photographs, video, audio, and flash graphics is estimated to constitute approximately 24 gigabytes of media.

The collections being assembled for the physical exhibit are, not surprisingly, originating from many diverse sources and locations, principally from private collections in Costa Rica, the United States, and Europe. These will include:

At the present time (mid-January.2002) the Ars Bio Group is in an organizational stage and is developing relationships with prospective collection lenders and donors as well as with a sponsor gallery and financial sponsors (corporate, government, and individual). Target dates are as follows:

April 1, 2002: Finalization of exhibit master document including listing and images or media clips of major exhibit elements.

May 1, 2002: Finalization of commitments from sponsor gallery and key financial individual and corporate sponsors. Remaining key dates set. Project schedule complete. All principal exhibit elements selected and confirmations completed.

June 1, 2002: Final key gallery and financial sponsor commitments and target dates. First public announcements. Initial online gallery design complete.

August 1, 2002: Architectural, layout, and logistic plan complete. All exhibit elements confirmed and set. Online gallery design finalized.

September 1, 2002: Begin exhibit acquisition/transport process. Begin online gallery construction (database, web pages, data entry).

October 1, 2002: Commencement of layout and setup operations. Online work continues.

November 15, 2002: Target date for completion of all materials arrival and setup.

December 1, 2002: Exhibit Opens (physical and virtual). Champagne uncorked. Relaxation.

February 15, 2003: Physical exhibit closes.

A preview of a Related Concept

This is bsomething we have discussed with the Lincos and Fundacion de Cientia people:

Diversity Education Web Learning Space

Preliminary contacts:

Martin Joseph Dudziak
Richmond, Virginia, USA, Kyiv, Ukraine and Marbella, Spain
+1 (231) 492-8301 or +1 (505) 926-1399